3rd Time with Rick

... by Mark

My Wife's 3rd Sex Encounter

I have one of our encounters listed as Fiancee for Three which I stated was our 3rd encounter between Cindy and Rick. As I was writing down as many of the encounters that I could remember and from my journal entries, I realized that it was in fact the 5th encounter. We actually had 2 other moments which although not as exciting or extreme as some of the later ones, are memorable for different reasons.

A couple of weeks after the quickie they shared on the rug of our home, Rick came over after I brought up the idea of going out to the movies. We went with a couple of other friends and werenít really planning anything for that night. Once there it turned out that the other couple had already seen the movie Rick and I were interested in so we split up and went to different movies.

Our movie was packed and ended up seating about three quarters of the way back from the screen, all the way against the wall on the side. I donít know if he had done it on purpose but as Cindy entered the row he walked in behind her and I went next. I didnít think anything at that moment.

Half way into the movie I looked over and saw Rickís hands underneath a sweater that Cindy brought and laid on her lap. With the faint lighting of the movie, all I could see was Cindy sitting up straight with both of her hands underneath the same sweater. She was wearing a casual red one piece dress with thick shoulder straps and a fairly high cut front which didnít reveal much. The sexy part of the dress I would have to say are the low cut sides which you could catch a glimpse of her bra and side breast when she raised her arms.

I could only imagine that underneath the sweater her dress was hiked up as he was fingering her. Turns out her hands were down there stopping him from pulling up her dress and pulling his hand away as he pushed between her legs. He would stop and rest his hand on her thigh and once she relaxed he would try again.

Of course I no longer watched the movie and kept trying to discreetly glance to see what I could. He finally pulled out his hand and using his other hand, slowly reached over and stuck into the side of her top. As I described, it was low hanging on the sides and gave easy access. She didnít even stop him as he pushed under her bra and worked her nipples. Even I could see part of the breast from my angle and began to look around wondering if anyone else could see. I was so nervous I have no words to describe and it was about to get worse.

The next thing I know, he leaned onto her shoulder like any couple might do except he didnít stop there. He pulled on her breast exposing the nipple and lowered his lips on it. I could see him teasing her with his teeth and sucking in as much of her breast as he could into his wide open mouth. ĎHoly Shit!!!í is all could think. Cindyís lips parted and her breathing was getting a bit faster and worse of all louder. It might have been in my head, but I could clearly hear her breathing in and out. I almost left cause of how nervous I was thinking everyone around us was aware of what they were doing.

I think I blanked out after that because the next thing I remember is driving back home s. We got home, Rick had to leave, and then our other friends left. We had wild sex that night as Cindy was so wet and turned on. Iím sure she was hoping Rick was going to stay but she didnít say it.

That week I told Cindy how Rick brought it up. All she did was ask question after question about everything he said, what he didnít say, what did he want, was he turned on, etc.,etc. I in turn asked him all her questions without him knowing she was asking and conveyed his responses. I also told her how he had mentioned how hot it would be to go a bit further at the movies. The only thing was that he never really said that, it was my own fantasy.

That weekend I asked her if she was up for going to the movies again with Rick and she jumped at the thought. I called Rick in the morning on Saturday and he had to go to work at night but suggested we go early. He showed up at the house some time after noon and we talked while Cindy got ready. Then she came out and gave him a hello kiss, maybe a little more than a hello kiss and placed his hands on her ass under the skirt. There she was pressed against him holding his hands on her ass as he squeezed each cheek. Her dark brown dress looked like satiny material, dropped about 6 inches above her knees, and draped her body like pure silk.

We jumped in the car and were on our way to the movies. Rick sat behind the passenger seat where Cindy was seating. It didnít take long before her reached his arms around the chair and began to run his hands over her breasts. Cindy looked at me, hiked up her skirt, and showed me a pair of hot black lacey panties. I couldnít it, after all the years of me buying lingerie and sexy stuff for her, this is one of only a handful of times I can remember her wearing anything like that.

I reached over and gently ran my fingers over the material and feeling her hair pressing against it. Yes, Cindy was not shaved at this point. It was trimmed and looked great but even after I had suggested it, she would not shave it off.

I told Rick what I sight I had and he stuck his head around and glanced down. He made some comment about it and then pulled his arm down the side of the chair and I heard a click followed by the seat reclining back. Cindy was a startled a bit but he used his arms to push her back on the seat. There was Rick running his hands all the way down her body, gliding over her dress until he reached the bottom and then pulled it up slowly. His hands were pressed against her skin and as he moved up, the dress was being pulled up by his arms.

Cindy was laying next to me with her entire body exposed as the dress rested above her breasts. Her bare white skin against the black contrast of a lacey pair of panties and bra were more than I could take. I pushed her panties aside and while driving slower and slower, began to finger her. Rick focused on her breasts and kissed her neck and nibbled her ear.

The crazy part (if that wasnít enough) was that I looked up and realized we had cars driving by but I didnít care if they saw. I know my windows were tinted but it was the middle of the afternoon and Iím sure you could see enough if you looked in. I didnít care.

We finally got to the parking lot and as we got out of the car, Rick grabbed her was about to start passionately kissing her and she pulled away a bit. I donít think he thought anything about it but I was happy to see her follow our Ďno passionate kissingí rule.

We ended up getting tickets for some kidsí movie (I know, looking back it sounds so wrong). We figured it would be the least packed movie and to some degree we were right. It turned out that there were only about 10 people in it and they were all sitting in the very front. We took the very last row in the most secluded part of the theater.

It didnít take long before Rick unbuckled his shorts and took her hand to begin hand job. It was dark but I could definitely see his cock standing up high and hard. She jerked him off for a bit and then reached under her dress to remove her panties. Then she bunched them up into a ball and handed them to me. Rick took this time to break open a condom which he dropped on the floor and had to rip open a second one.

She slowly shifted off her seat and while keeping a low profile, straddled Rick with her back to him wrapping her legs around his. Then she lifted herself just high enough to what I assume was to position his cock on the edge of her pussy. She took a while to lower and fill herself with his cock and once she did she stayed there without moving. They were both facing the screen and acting as if nothing was going on.

Her dress draped over their legs so you couldnít really see much even if you were staring like I was. Rick was slowly gyrating while inside of her. He would reach up and grab her breasts until he had enough of her bra and reached in to unclench the clasp on the front. Cindy managed to do that little magic trick women can do of removing it from the side and then tossed it to me. I was sitting with one empty seat between us and loving it. Rick now felt her breasts through the satin dress and would grasp them tightly and tug them. On a couple of occasions he would use them to pull her down as he pushed his cock into her.

I couldnít stand it anymore and ended up moving to the end of the row on the other side of the aisle a few rows down. I wanted to look back like a stranger and see them by the light of the screen. It was better than I could imagine. From that distance it looked like a girl just sitting on a guys lap watching a movie until you focused a bit and saw the intensity on her face, eyes open, lips pressed. Then you could see the slight movements from side to side and then a strong pull towards him as he pulled her down. The only really obvious signs were when Rick reached up to play with her breasts, but he did that sparingly.

Suddenly she got off him almost as if he pushed her off (which he did). All I could think of is that he came and wanted to let it out since he was a master and the pull out and rip off. It looked like he was buckling up his shorts and then I saw him stand up and pull Cindy by the hand as he led her out of the movie. I waited about 2 minutes as I wasnít sure if they wanted to leave and go home or if they just went outside to talk. All the possibilities ran through my head.

I walked out and couldnít see them so I assumed they were outside. I still couldnít find them. I walked to the car expecting them to find them there waiting for me, the guy with the keys; no one there. I was getting pissed cause I felt that I was missing whatever was happening and didnít know where they were.

I walked back the movies thinking maybe they went into a bathroom and searched the menís room and then the movie again. Nothing.

At this time we only had pagers and couldnít afford a cell phone (mid 90ís) so I had no way to reach him. I was frustrated and decided to head back to the car when I saw them walking away from me towards the car. I called out and they stopped and walked towards me. Rick told me he needed to have her and felt held back in the theater so he took her to the bathroom in the mall at the very end. This was an outside mall with a couple of secluded areas and he knew them all.

Cindy told me he took her to the restroom where no one was around. It was a bathroom for the janitorial staff and was meant for one person at a time so it locked from the inside. She said Rick didnít skip a beat from the moment he locked the door to pushing her against the sink, bending her over , and fucking her. I asked her a million questions and she just kept saying it was great and that there was nothing more to tell. I hate generalizations so I called Rick later that afternoon to get his story.

He apologized about taking off but said how it was all so hot he couldnít take it anymore. As he was fucking her against the sink, he picked up as much of her long hair as he could and pulled her up until she arched back and her head was high. He told how he was going to fuck her hard and that she wanted it. The funny thing is he commented how she didnít say anything or talk dirty and I laughed cause I had always told him it was never her thing and aside from the first time when I told her to say it, it wasnít in her.

He slapped her ass and squeezed it a few times (another first for her). When he was about to cum, he stopped and squatted behind her to begin and lick her ass. Rick was into everything and playing with the ass was one of his favorite things. He started to rub it with his finger but she kept pushing his hand away while never looking at him. He got up and began to fuck her again and swore she was getting wetter and wetter.

He pulled her hair back again but not as much and told her to open her eyes and look in the mirror. She would look and close her eyes again so he would repeat it and make her look at herself as he fucked her. He kept asking if she liked what she saw and she nodded her head until he slapped her ass and told him to say it over and over.

Finally he turned her around, put her against the wall and lifted one leg as he pushed up into her. He started to kiss her and I asked him if it was a full kiss and he said it was. I was SO turned on. I couldnít believe that her breaking the rule on me without even telling me was such a turn on. I still donít understand it but I asked him a dozen questions about it and explained the Ďrulesí to him.

As he was nailing her against the wall he began to tell her how he was going to make her his little slut and how he knew she wanted it. It was a few little comments like this that made my day. The thought of someone taking control of her was something I never knew I wanted and I felt safe since it was my best friend.

Then Rick pulled and came all over her legs and mentioned how he was so turned on he almost came inside of her. Then it dawned on me and I asked him if he had worn a condom and he said no. He backtracked a bit and explained how when then got into the bathroom and he bent her over, she had no idea that he was going bareback. It was only when he put her against the wall and she reached down to guide his cock into her that she freaked a bit and asked him thinking the condom fell off.

He told her he didnít have another condom and she was saying how she couldnít do it cause she just got off the pill so she could change her cycle for the honeymoon (odd conversation to have, huh?). He told her that he was already fucking her without a condom and he would pull out. She pushed his cock to the side as he tried to go in again; that was when he began to kiss her passionately and kept telling her how he knew she wanted it and that he was going to. He put her hand on his cock and he told her to put it inside of her. She held it to the side as he kept repeatedly pushing against her. He kept kissing her, grabbed her hair again and pulled her head, sucked on her ear and told her fucken put his cock inside of her now be a good little girl.

He said she let go of his cock and he lifted her hand above her head while lifting up her leg a bit higher with his other hand. He says he didnít force it so not to worry but she didnít push him away as he pushed into her. The only thing she said before he began to kiss her again was ĎI donít know Rickí. That is where he proceeded to talk dirty to her and tell her what he wanted from her.

Now, Iím no expert, but his story is a bit different than hers. I know he was telling the truth cause she had hickies on her neck and that night as we had sex, I could see the ass marks he left. My theory to that day is that she didn't want to confess about the condom thing. I never told her I found out the details and I admit it was exciting to know.


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