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Two days ago we all came to Cindy's parent's trailer in the Florida Keys. It was her parents, two sisters, and brother, a friend of her brothers, Cindy, Rick and me. This was a usual weekend trip during the summer months except that it was usually one of Cindy's friends that would come but this weekend it was Rick.

I always love these weekends and at the same time get really nervous with everyone around. Rick always tries to do something to Cindy out on the boat, wave runner, water, or late at night when everyone is asleep. This weekend was a little harder because everyone was there but he did manage to get a hand job while we (except the parents) watched TV late at night. The lights were off, the television on, and the three of us were in the back couch under a blanket.

Rick had also made a pass at one of her sisters but neither of them realized I caught them kissing. For one thing I wasn't about to tell Cindy but I was going to quiz Rick about it especially since she is the youngest of the sisters, Kim, at 18 years old and he is 27, a nine year difference and I definitely don't want any trouble being that he is MY friend.

It turns out that he and Kim had been fooling around for the past few months, but it was safe. Kim had not and was not going to tell anyone because he told her it would cause problems.

Anyways, during our conversation today, Rick told me that he had a big favor to ask but he wasn't sure how I was going to take it. He said that he is only asking because he thought it might be exciting and kept thinking about it for the past week after reading something similar on one of the forums. Now, I'm getting excited and nervous and just wanted him to ask.

He wanted to have a little get together at his home to watch the football game next Sunday with a few of the guys from the prison where he worked at. He wanted to have Cindy come over and dress provocative so he could do things to her while they were there but without going over the edge. Just have a little fun. I have to admit that it was exciting but I wasn't sure how it would work or how to get Cindy to do it. I knew she was getting more into her sexuality but this would be a little more to be in front of several strangers. I asked Rick how the forum story happened and he said it was a 'loss to a bet' but that would not work in this case.

I recommended he suggest it during the next time he was fucking Cindy and I'm sure she would not say no to him.

That night we went back home from the Keys and Rick was with Cindy and I since his car was at our home. We went inside and I winked at Rick and took off to take a shower. I made sure to take a really, really long shower and when I came out I could hear Cindy moaning in the living room so I decided to continue my shower. After a few minutes she surprised me by coming in the shower and being very touchy. I asked her, smiling, if she had fun and she just kissed me. Rick had left.

--- Next day

The next day Rick called me and asked me if Cindy had asked me anything yet and I said no. He told me what he had told her during sex and that she would be asking me soon. At night while we were getting ready to sleep she started to tell me about Rick asking her to come over on Sunday and wearing an outfit he bought for me to wear. This is where I acted shocked and then asked her why he wanted her to go. I realized he hadn't told her that he was having friends over and only said he wanted to spend an afternoon focusing on her and wearing the outfit. I asked her if she wanted to and she was quite excited to do it but wanted to make sure it was ok with me. I told her whatever she wanted to do was fine with me.

--- Sunday

Sunday came and it is usually a day we sleep in late. Cindy woke me up to tell me she had to leave cause Rick wanted her at his house early. I kissed her goodbye and went back to sleep. Well, not really, but I pretended until she was gone.

I called Rick and told him she was on his way. The only thing I requested was that he take a picture of her wearing the outfit before the guys showed up and send it later to me. The next part is a combination of what I heard from Rick and Cindy after that day.

Cindy showed up to Rick's condo and they kissed off the bat. Rick took her to the bedroom and gave her the bag with the outfit he bought for her. It was a black baby doll dress with a low cleavage cut. From the picture I saw afterwards it was amazingly sexy, especially since it was something other guys were going to see. It wasn't really lingerie but it was close. If she bent over it would give you a clear view of her ass and the way it was tight right below the breasts and went underneath them, made them seem larger.

He also had her wear stalkings, the type which went almost to the edge of the dress and then showed the garterbelt clips, but just barely. Once again, you couldn't see them from the picture but Rick said you could when she walked.

Cindy was all excited to wear this outfit just imagining what Rick was going to do. He had her walk around the bedroom and pose for him as he stroked his cock and then had her come over and give him a blow job. She tried to stop and climb on him but he insisted she just keep going, and she did.

That was when the there was a knock on the door and he went out to answer it. Cindy stayed in the bedroom and heard him talking to two other guys and laughing. After a few minutes he came back to the bedroom and Cindy asked who they were since she could still hear them in the living room and the TV was now on. That was when he explained that he had some guys coming over for the game but that he still wanted her to stay. She alluded to not wanting to wait in the bedroom the entire time and he said he expected her to be outside with him and his friends and being a good hostess.

Cindy freaked out and told him that there was no way she was going out there like this and he insisted that it was something she really wanted to do. She laughed a bit and told me she had every intention to turn around and change but Rick grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. He pulled his shorts aside, did the same thing to her , and in a second had his cock inside of her pounding away. Rick says she was so wet that her panties were actually drenched when he pulled them aside and he knew that was a good sign. Cindy says the idea got her really excited but there was no way she could do it.

As he was fucking her, he told her what she was going to do and she kept saying no. Then he started to slow down and she told him not to stop. This is when he asked her again and she said no again. He said he was going to stop and call Brenda (his current girlfriend) to come over cause she would do it without a problem and that was all it took. You have to understand that the reason Cindy never says no to Rick (when he is single or dating) is that she wants him to think of her as the best fuck of his life and the girl that will be in his every dream. Threatening her with Brenda, and both Rick and I knowing she wouldn't do it anyways, was his best strategy.

He pulled out and fixed his shorts and left Cindy against the wall. He walked out and went into the kitchen (to let his hard-on go down a bit ). Two minutes later Cindy went into the kitchen still dressed and told him not to call Brenda, she would do it. That is when Rick kissed her and squeezed her breasts, telling her she had to do everything he said. She froze a bit and he reassured her it was going to be just fine and she would have fun he would never do something to hurt her.

He took her by the hand and walked her to the living room and introduced her to the guys as a friend of a friend. They all stood up and gave her a kiss on the cheek while eyeing her like hungry animals. Just then the door knock interrupted the tension and Rick answered it. It was another friend, the last one of three to show up. He said hello to Rick and then said, 'wooo , who is that'. Rick introduced them and he shook her hand and smiled.

Cindy realized that these guys worked with him and none of them knew who she was or who I was so at least she didn't have to worry about it getting out that she was dressed like that in public.

The game began and Cindy spent most of the time standing up or walking to and from the kitchen with chips and beers. The guys would watch the game and then focus their attention on her whenever she entered the room. Sometimes they would try to be discreet but during the half-time break, they would watch her and ask her tons of questions about what she did and how she knew Rick. Rick would tell them how her and him went way back and they had a history. He pretty much described her as his friend-with-benefits and even said not to tell his girlfriend about her. They all laughed.

When the 3rd quarter began, she was heading back to the kitchen and Rick told her to relax and sit down with him. He took hold of her wrist and gently pulled her to the couch as he slid to one side and the other guy slid over, making a bit of space between them. She sat down and that was when the baby doll dress pretty much disappeared off her legs. The garter belt was exposed and the bottom of the dress was right about crotch level. She quickly crossed her legs but knew the two guys on the couch diagonal from her had probably caught a peak of her panties.

Rick spent the entire time with his hand on her thigh rubbing up and down and the guy to the other side kept looking down all the time. She was nervous but having Rick rub her up and down and getting close to her was also getting her wet. Rick stood up and went to the kitchen and then called Cindy to help him. She quickly left the stares and entered the kitchen. Rick grabbed her and slipped his fingers into her and she began to grab him and kiss him. He told her that he knew she was getting excited so to stop pretending. All she did was moan in his ear and say 'yes'. He told her he 'wanted her to go out there and give his friends a good show, let them get a peak or two of the best body in town. I want them to be jealous of the girl I fuck and will fuck today'. She pretty much melted there.

Rick had completely changed Cindy from the first time they were together to now. At first he was fairly gentle and now he was dominating, rough, and commanding. He would have her do anything and did.

He pushed her away and told her to go ahead. She hesitated slightly and went out. Rick peaked his head around the other side of the kitchen where he could see the living room but the guys couldn't see him. Cindy walked out there and began to pick up some of the beer cans and made sure to bend over enough where they could see her panties. The guys were not hiding their obvious stares and she pretended not to notice. She went back to the kitchen and he told her to do it until all the plates and cans were gone, and she did.

On the third trip, the one guy on the same couch she was sitting on, grabbed her leg as she walked by and she turned to him. He asked her if she didn't mind getting him another beer and then briefly stroked the back of her lower thigh. She smiled and said not a problem and left.

There were few other instances like that by the time the game was over. Then the two guys that came over first left and Rick and his other friend were talking for a bit longer before he left. Cindy was in the kitchen most of the time and she said her heart was racing because all she wanted to do is have them leave and get fucked for the rest of the night being as aroused as she was.

Rick said as his friend was about to leave he told him to stay a bit longer at least one more beer. This guy and Rick often went to strip clubs and picked up girls so he felt pretty comfortable with him which is why he was hoping he would be the last guy to leave. He called Cindy and asked for two more beers and she was pissed cause she knew getting laid would have to wait.

After giving them the beer cans, Rick put his hand on her leg and turned her to face him. He thanked her and asked her for a kiss so she bent over and kissed him. His hand went up her thigh and pretty much stopped at her panty line. His friend had a perfect view and Cindy liked the thought of him seeing this after the way Rick described how she was the best thing ever.

She stood up and Rick kept his hand on her upper thigh talking to his friend about how she was the most amazing woman he had ever been with. This is where Cindy began to blush because one thing was to hear it from him, the other was to talk to strangers about her in front of her.

His friend made a remark or two about how he could just imagine and then Rick turned her around and lifted her dress telling him if he had ever seen a nicer ass. Cindy pushed the dress down with a laugh and Rick told her he just wanted his friend to see how lucky he was. She said I'm sure he doesn't care and his friend said of course I do. Rick lifted her dress again and told his friend to feel how firm it was. Cindy just stood there as his hand caressed her ass. Then Rick stood up and began to kiss her as his friend watched. Ricks hands went down her back and then lifted her dress exposing everything up to the bra strap. Cindy was so excited and she said she felt a lot like the first time she was with Rick when I was the one kissing and exposing her to Rick on the bed.

Rick motioned for his friend and then Cindy felt another pair of hands sliding up her back and down her ass as she continued to kiss Rick. She was being pressed between two guys and she couldn't believe how identical it was to that first time.

Rick lifted her baby doll dress over her head and threw it on the ground. In the meantime his friend was unbuckling the bra strap and then reaching over and squeezing her breasts before removing it. All Cindy could do was sigh with all these hands on her and Rick was about to explode. He told me he whispered in her ear if she wanted more and she said yes. He asked her what she wanted and she said I want it. He told her it wasn't the question what do you want. And she paused and said I want to get fucked. By who rick asked and she said both of you.

Cindy heard his friend pulling off his pants and then Rick pulled down his shorts. The next thing Cindy felt was two cocks pushing up against her from both sides, pushing through her panties into her ass and against her stomach.

Rick started to suck on her breasts and his friend goes down to pull her panties off. He spread her cheeks and began to stick his tongue in her ass. She bent over slightly to make it easier and then Rick stepped back and sat on the coffee table. Cindy took a couple of steps forward to get on her knees and give take Rick's cock in her mouth while his friend knelt behind her and licked her dry.

Rick motioned for him to finger her ass and he did. Cindy loves that now, ever since Rick got her into it. Rick exploded in her mouth and his friend took her to the couch to have her give him a blow job. After a while Rick was hard again putting on a condom, pulled her off him and took her to the other couch where he sat down and had her climb on top of him, straddling him and riding him. His friend kept jerking off while watching and playing with her tits.

Rick hugged Cindy and pulled her towards his chest so he could hold her still while he pumped her from underneath. He looked up at his friend and motioned to go back. Apparently this is not the first time they double-teamed a girl. His friend positioned himself behind her and Rick slowly pulled out. Cindy told him there was no way he was going in her ass and Rick assured her there was no intention of that. The two of them were able to squeeze themselves into her pussy (his friend being much smaller made it easier). They took their time and went slowly because it was uncomfortable but it was her first time and she was all excited when she told me she wished it was me and said she wanted me to do it next time with Rick.

His friend pulled out and took his condom off to cum on her back and Rick said he missed and it fell on his leg. Rick was about to jump up and hit him but Cindy was way too hot to stop. She was making out with Rick the whole time. Finally he came again.

All three of them took a shower together and she gave them each a hand job while soaping them up. She loved the fact that the friend washed her hair while Rick lathered her up with occasional kissing and tit sucking.

His friend got dressed and left after asking her for her phone number, which she gave. Rick told her she would have to leave the outfit at his place for next time and that made her quite happy.

To finish up, and to explain why I brought up the whole Kim thing at the beginning, was that when I asked Rick about his friend and how they both seemed so casual with the whole thing, he tried to wiggle out of it. As it turns out, he had taken Kim out several times and usually to the same bar where his friend is the bartender. This way she doesn't have problems with getting drinks. One night his friend was flirting hard core with Kim and giving her free drinks. They stayed until he was getting off and he invited Rick and Kim to his place one thing led to another and they both fucked her.

Talk about weird, Kim had gone to his house early in the morning before she had to go to softball practice and they had their fun not long before Cindy came over.


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