My Hot Wife's Friends 2

... by Mark

My Hot Wife's Friends

Cindy and I had been married for almost 2 years and we had been through a couple of periods where she didn't want to be with other men or have 'sexual' experiences, but we were definitely long past those. Now it was she who would bring up fantasies and plan to be with other men. She was no longer the shy woman I met so many years ago. For any of you out there reading, these scenarios were not the everyday situations we experienced. Most of them were simple get-togethers with one of her coworkers or my best friend, so don't think I lived the ultimate fantasy life every day but I'm not complaining. Cindy, for some reason, had a thing for much older men. I think she liked to know they were really enjoying having a twenty-something body to do with as they willed.

Almost 6 months earlier she'd had a sexual encounter with a guy her friends set her up with on a boat ride. This was one of her favorite times but not just because of the guy, but because her friend's husband, Jorge, kept looking at her while she fucked another guy. To sum up the situation, her friend Paula was the instigator to get Cindy to be with other guys but ironically, she was a super jealous freak. When she finally got Cindy to be with one of her friends at their house, Paula felt she bonded even more with Cindy. The flip side was that Jorge (Paula's husband) kept flirting with Cindy whenever Paula wasn't around but Cindy knew better Paula would rip her eyes out if she caught him.

I kept asking Cindy if she wanted to be with Jorge but she kept saying it was a NO-WAY situation. Six months later, Jorge took it into his own hands. Paula was at a therapist's conference in Atlanta, Georgia for several days. Jorge had called our house one night to speak with Cindy and relay a message Paula had given him. As I had done since the first moment I knew Cindy was interested, I would chat with him at every get-together and try to find out what he was up to and then give him my 'very busy' schedule and when I wouldn't be home but he never did anything.

This time, before handing the phone to Cindy, I went into detail about a project I was working on and how I don't get home till past midnight and I couldn't wait till I finished on Saturday (we were on Tuesday or Wednesday). The next evening, he called again and I picked up. He asked me if I wanted to get together and get some beers since he was single, but I declined. He called again the following day and I answered (I wish I had caller ID back then). I pretended I was in a hurry and had to leave to the office. I said there was a problem on the project and it looked like a really long night and how pissed I was.

I hung up the phone, went to the kitchen and Cindy asked me who it was. I told her it was my office team and I had to leave and I wouldn't be home till late. All I could do was hope this wasn't another false alarm like before. I left and parked way down the street in the new constructions and waited. After almost 2 hours, I saw a car pull into our house. I even called Cindy like I would from the office, and she told me Jorge had stopped by to borrow some DVDs cause he was bored at home. A little over 20 minutes later, the car left. I took off to get something to eat at Wendy's and then headed back home.

When I came in she was watching TV and didn't say anything. Damn It!!!! He had asked her about me and if I was really busy at work and she acknowledged that I had been overworked this week. That night in bed I brought Jorge back up and she kept saying how although she liked the thought of him, the fear of Paula finding out was enough to not want it, which I understood.

The next day (Friday), I really was going to be stuck at work. Cindy was going to do laundry and clean up the house. I finally came home around 11pm and she practically jumped me at the door. She looked like crap (in a loving way) from cleaning up but it turns out it was from having sex.

----------- EARLIER

At around 6pm, Jorge called and told her he wanted to return the DVDs before Paula returned the next day and things got complicated. She said fine and kept cleaning. She was wearing a pair of my boxers (which are shorts for her) and an old t-shirt just hangout clothes.

When she answered the door, Jorge was standing there holding the DVDs with his wife's friend Ralph (the same Ralph Paula set Cindy up with to bang six months ago). It caught Cindy off guard since she had never seen Ralph since that day and felt awkward. Jorge walked in and Ralph followed. As Jorge was thanking her for the DVDs, he mentioned how they were going to spend his last day of 'being single' and without a wife at the pub with Ralph. Ralph asked to use the bathroom before they went to make more room for the beer.

While Ralph was away, Jorge just did idle chit chat and even complemented Cindy on looking good even in work clothes. He even touched rubbed her arm as he did it, which was unlike him. Jorge asked if I was coming home soon, hoping I could join them but she explained how I had to finish the project by tomorrow and she was positive I would never make it in time to join them. Ralph came out and Jorge said he needed to use the bathroom too so he took off down the hall. Cindy felt awkward but Ralph looked really calm. He was even asking questions about the neighborhood and if the real estate was going up. Jorge came in the middle of the conversation and was listening when he said he'd be right back since he left his phone in the car. As he walked away he told Cindy to give him a quick tour of the house so he can see how large the house was.

Cindy knew that was the most obvious line and exit she had ever seen and she knew this was probably planned between them. Ralph didn't even flinch. He just asked if that would be ok and she led him on the tour. Towards the end of the tour, when she showed him the guest room, he kissed her as she turned around. She admitted to me she wanted it and didn't try to stop it.

This was ok with me because we had already agreed she could do things on her own as long as she shared them with me.

Cindy was already pulling down her boxer shorts when he started to finger her. He pulled her to the futon, sat back, and had her give him a blow job. He then pulled off her t-shirt. He practically picked her up and put her on the couch's edge and began to eat her out. After a while, he stood up and removed all his clothes, and positioned himself in front of her to slip inside and she stopped him to put on a condom. He didn't have any but said he could go ask Jorge. She didn't really feel comfortable with that and said she would look for one in her bedroom and be right back. As she walked through the living room into the opposite hallway (our bedroom was on the other side of the house) Jorge was sitting on the couch and she was completely naked except for her socks and shoes. She actually thought he would be in the car and was caught off guard.

He looked up at her, smiled and looked back to the TV. She quickly went into the bedroom and looked for the condom. Although Jorge had seen her naked and fucking last time, this was different since Paula wasn't there and it was just the three of them.

As she left the room, she went through the kitchen which avoided most of the living room and she wouldn't have to pass in front of Jorge. She ran into the guest room and Ralph was lying on the bed stroking his cock. She slipped the condom on him and straddled him. They fucked for a while in different positions and when he was about to cum, was trying to make her swallow but she hesitated and ended up on her chest.

When it was over, he got dressed as she went to the bathroom next door to rinse off and clean her chest. When she got back into the room, he had already left and was probably in the living room with Jorge. She got dressed and went to the living room and found Jorge and Ralph standing by the door getting ready to leave. She said she felt sort of odd looking at Jorge knowing he knew what they had done and been waiting the entire time. As she said goodbye, Ralph asked her if she was coming to Paula and Jorge's house on Saturday to celebrate Paula's birthday and she said she was. He smiled and said he would look forward to seeing her again.

----- > PART 2

On Saturday was Paula's birthday party and Cindy and I had been invited. I knew what had happened earlier in the week at my house between Cindy and Ralph so I figured she might want to stay late tonight and there was always an excuse I could make to leave. I had asked Cindy if she wanted me to leave early and she said she wasn't really in the mood that night and just wanted to have fun at the party so I didn't push the issue. But inside I was dying as I always am in these situations. I wonder if Cindy plays uninterested because she knows it kills me.

This was also the first time I was introduced to Ralph and was a little surprised as he didn't look anything like I expected. Still an attractive man but he was a little more stout than I had pictured him in our fantasies and had quite a bit of body hair like a wooly mammoth. I tried to be discreet throughout the night and observe how many times he would flirt with Cindy and how she flirted back. Jorge on the other hand never even looked at her.

I actually did not drink at all at the party and simply nursed my one bottle of beer. I get like this when I'm just watching and waiting, hoping something might happen but I didn't seriously think it would so I waited until Cindy was mingling outside at the other end of the pool (where the little bar was) and I caught Paula in the living room and told her that I really wasn't feeling all too well and was leaving. Paula was pretty trashed but still asked if I wanted to just stay and crash there but I explained that I just needed to get some rest at home and that I'd be fine. I mentioned to her that I hadn't told Cindy because I didn't want her to leave since she was having fun and Paula agreed. I knew she probably had ulterior motives but that is what I was hoping for.

On the way home I was counting on a few things. Cindy was pretty buzzed, Paula was trashed, Ralph was still there, and the rest of the people were beginning to leave. I kept my fingers crossed. Almost getting home my cell phone rang and it was Cindy asking me if I was ok and if I wanted her home. I tried to play it cool and said that I just had a really bad headache and didn't want her to leave, especially since it was her best friend's birthday.

Well, I waited until 4am and never heard from Cindy so needless to say I was dying of anticipation. With my luck she probably fell asleep over there.

I received a call at about 11am from her asking if I could pick her up. Paula and Jorge were still sleeping and she didn't want to wake them up to take me home. So I went to pick her up and called her when I pulled into the driveway. She came out and I noticed right away that she was wearing her skirt but had a long t-shirt over them and the rest of her outfit (shoes, stockings, and blouse) were in her hands.

She kept her eyes closed most of the time home from the obvious hangover but curiosity was killing me and I began to slide my hand on her thighs and up her skirt. She actually parted her legs slightly and I felt that she was pretty dry so as I began to push my finger inside of her she sat up on the seat and while pushing my hand away let out a little yelp. I was concerned and apologized thinking I might have pulled a hair or something and that is when she said she was a bit sore inside and smiled. I didn't say another word and waited for her to tell me once we were home and she had taken a shower.

----- Her story

By the end of the party it was down to Paula, Jorge, Ralph, Cindy and another girl from work. Everyone except Jorge was pretty drunk which is why he offered to take the girl home since. Paula was passed out on the sofa and Ralph was groping Cindy in the kitchen. Cindy's recollection of details was a bit fuzzy at this point but she knew they were kissing and he had his hands up her skirt.

Jorge left and Ralph started to undress Cindy right there in the kitchen and she actually didn't care. She was leaning against the counter with her skirt pulled down, her blouse unbuttoned and exposing her breasts, and Ralph on his knees with one of her legs over his shoulder. She remembers that he ripped her stockings while he tried to remove her panties and then he turned her around and was about to go inside of her but he was having a hard time actually a soft time. I guess he had too much to drink.

She went down on him for about 15 minutes but he couldn't get hard.

They kissed for a bit longer and after a bit heard the garage door open and began to quickly get dressed knowing Jorge was coming back. They walked out to the living room and stopped as soon as they saw Jorge's hands up his wife's dress as she laid on the couch. Paula was slightly gyrating but mostly passed out. Cindy quickly went down the hall to the restroom and 'freshened up' a bit. When she came out Jorge was in the kitchen getting his wife some water and an aspirin and Cindy asked where Ralph was. Turns out Ralph lives two blocks down and decided to walk home.

Cindy was feeling pretty much like Paula and asked for another aspirin too. At that point Jorge asked Cindy if she didn't mind just crashing over because he was exhausted and had driven 3 people home already. Cindy really didn't care because all she wanted to do was sleep.

Cindy had spent a few nights there before so she knew that in the guest bedroom there was a drawer with a long t-shirt and some toiletries she uses when she has stayed in the past. She grabbed her things went into the bathroom and decided to take a quick rinse in the shower. Once she was done she walked down the hallway and caught a glimpse of Paula giving Jorge a blowjob seems she was a little more awake this time. Cindy admits it turned her on to see others having sex so she walked a little closer trying not to be seen and watch some more. It didn't take long before Jorge was smiling at Cindy as he came. She quickly left with a sense of excitement and jumped into her room.

About 20 minutes later as she was already in bed, there was a knock on her door and she answered it. It was Jorge in his boxer briefs and only his boxer briefs asking if she could help him carry Paula to the bedroom. She was passed out again in the living room. Cindy went out to help him and they carried her to the bedroom.

I can only imagine her standing at the side of the bed tucking Paula in her long t-shirt with nothing underneath and Jorge just inches away removing Paula's shoes. What thoughts she must have been having.

At that same moment, she felt two arms reach from around her and envelope her. One hand landed on her breast and the other on her waist. She was stunned and didn't know how to react. Jorge pushed up against her and through the thin material of his boxer shorts and her shirt she could feel his cock against her lower back. All she could think about was not waking Paula.

His hands were fondling her everywhere and pressed the shirt between her legs until it felt like there was nothing between his hand and her skin. Jorge pulled her as he walked to the other side of the bed and then pushed her head down until her hands rested on the mattress. By this time Cindy was scared to death because right in front of her was Paula, passed out, but inches away.

All she knows is that Jorge lifted her shirt until it was hanging off her neck and then pushed into her. His hands reached around and gripped her breasts and held on to them as he fucked her from behind. She remembers that it hurt, not so much from size but from how hard he was thrusting every time he went it not quickly, but slowly. She did everything she could from not letting out a sound or moving the bed.

After a while, he turned her around and kissed her telling her how in love he was with her and how he has wanted this ever since they met. Cindy was stunned again by his confession and followed him out the door and into the guest bedroom where she began to give him a blowjob which evolved into a 69 on the bed.

That night they fucked at least 3 times and each time was better. All the anticipation she's had all this time was well worth it. At the end he reached over and took her bra and panties and said he was going to keep them and fantasize about her every time he was with Paula. Since that day, she was never with Ralph again. Turns out Jorge was a little jealous about him and didn't want it happening any more. Kind of ironic, isn't it.


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