My Slutty Girlfriend 2

... by Mark

Slutty Girlfriend

Next day was Sunday and we all woke up pretty late. Cory was still snoring away as we made brunch. By the time we finished, he plopped himself at the kitchen counter and we all had an enjoyable time talking and eating. The entire time I kept thinking about last night and wondering if it all happened the way I remembered it or was it enhanced by Mr. Cuervo. Every time I looked at Nat, she acted as if nothing had happened. I guess she didn’t want to act suspicious in front of Cory.

Cory had to leave but said he’d be back later tonight to help us finish packing. He left and Nat and I got back to working.

By the time we knew it, everything was finished and we were both exhausted. It was around 7pm when Cory finally came back. Luckily for him, there was nothing to do so we pulled out some the videos we hadn’t watched and ordered Pizza. The only part of the house without boxes was her room, so we all sat up on her bed with the pizza, two bottles of rum we found in the day, and watched TV.

I knew we weren’t going to get drunk with all the food we ate, but it was just for fun. The good news was that it did relax all of us and our conversations slowly drifted back to sex.

Cory and Nat were sitting with their back to the head board and I lay down next to Nat with my head by her side. As Cory shared some more of his stories, Nat opened up with her college experiences; some of which I was hearing for the first time. My hand was under the pillow behind her and I started to play with the crack of her ass.

Of course, I kept wanting to see if anything that happened last night was running through her head, so I brought up the question to Cory if he had ever done stuff in front of others. He mentioned a few parties where he had made out with girls and fingered them while everyone else was either passed our or making out themselves, but that was it. Then I asked Nat the same question and she told the story of what happened last night but did not tell Cory it was him or me that were the culprits. He actually got a little turned on by it because he would ask her questions about “getting caught” and “if he had ever found out?”

By the time it was almost midnight, we were finishing watching “Eyes Wide Shut” with some pretty mild sex scenes and I put in the next movie, “Unfaithful” which I knew was her favorite movie and actor. Not only that, but the seductions and sex scenes in that movie always got her off … and I was going to take advantage of it. Luckily, Cory had never seen it so I knew she wasn’t going to ask for a different movie.

By now we had finished what was left of the alcohol and were watching the movie with a descent buzz. Half way into the movie, there was a scene where he pulls up her skirt and rubs her thighs. Cory made the comment that those were nice thighs and I agreed. I looked at Cory and then softly rubbed Nat’s thighs and said, “But you know, I don’t think I’ve ever had smoother legs than these.”

Cory looked at me and said he wasn’t sure about that because Cindy (his Ex-girlfriend) always shaved and made sure they were soft. Throughout all this Nat just put her hand on my arm, smiled, and kept watching the movie … indifferent to our conversation. Then I told Cory to feel them and compare to Cindy and he did just that. He was rubbing one leg while I was rubbing the other and he said that it was a tough choice but they were pretty equal.

Nat laughed and said, “Hello!! I’m right here guys. I’m not a doll, ya know?!” We all laughed and I asked, “Sweetie, does that mean I can’t ask Cory to feel how nice your breasts are?” She just laughed.

Cory got up to go to the kitchen for something to drink and I accompanied him. When we were there I just came right out and told him what had happened last night. He just looked at me and had no idea what to say. I went ahead and told him that if he wanted to make a move on her, I would be ok with it … but he couldn’t tell her I said anything or she would stop it. I told him how she always imagined him making an aggressive move on her and her getting caught up in the moment.

He still didn’t say anything, but he didn’t say ‘No’ either. The last thing I said was that I was going to leave the house and get some junk food for us and give him some space.

I went back to the bedroom and told Nat I’d be back and she blew me a kiss. Cory walked past me as he entered the bedroom and sat back on the bed. Meanwhile I walked to the front door, opened it up and shut it … never leaving. I crept into the bedroom down the hall from Nat’s, sat down behind the closet door and just waited.

I could hear both of them talking clearly and Cory asking questions about what he missed in the movie. Nat was explaining everything and then told him to hush for a minute because the best part was coming up. I knew it was the scene where the lady tells the guy that she wants to end the affair and as she leaves this apartment, he stops her down the hall, pins her against the wall; ripping her panties off and fucking her right there.

After a minute or so, Cory said, “wow, that was intense” and Nat explained to him that this was her favorite movie.

“So I guess you like these abusive sex scenes?”, Cory asked.

“Not abusive, but I do like a man taking control and having me do what he wants.”, Nat replied.

I didn’t hear anything for a few minutes so I got up and slowly put my head around the corner to see if I could hear anything. It was the definite sounds of rustling sheets and squeaking on the bed and I knew they were doing something. Her bed makes weird sounds anytime you move or get up from it. Then I could hear the definite sounds of kissing and heavy breathing.

From Nat’s side of the story

After she answered his question, Cory put his hand on the back of her head, holding on to her hair, and pulled her towards him. At the same time, his other hand found its way to her breast and they started making out. She said she didn’t even know what was happening before his tongue was down her throat.

He slid her down onto the bed and, as they both were lying side by side, kept making out with her and putting his hand underneath her shorts. He wasn’t much for foreplay as he was already taking off her shorts and had her shirt lifted over her tits. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, he didn’t’ have to go very far to start sucking on her nipples. The entire time, he was fingering her with 4 fingers pushing in and out. Nat was already wet from the movie, but he was being a little rougher than she wanted.

“What if Mark comes back?”, she asked him.

“He’s the one who told me you wanted this.”

That little weasel couldn’t even follow the simple plan. I was concerned that she was going to stop him … but thankfully, I was wrong.

I wasn’t going to miss all of this, so walked across the hall and stood in the shadows of the hall closet. Without any lights in the hall or living room, I knew that they couldn’t see me unless they really tried and I had a pretty clear view of them with the lighting of the TV.

Nat got on her knees next to him and began sucking his cock. From my angle, I could only see her giving him head but I knew he had his hands around her ass, fingering her because she kept moaning.

At one point I was laughing to myself because all you could hear him say was, “yeah bitch, like that. Yeah bitch, suck it.” I bet you she never thought he would be saying that to her. He even asked her to stick her fingers in his ass and I guess she either didn’t mind or had done it before because she was doing it. Then she got on top of him in a sixty-nine position and kept giving him head as he played with her ass with an occasional slap.

His cock was a descent length but definitely thick. Nat was actually struggling at times when he would push his pelvis up to meet her mouth and had to give a slight gag.

Personally I wasn’t enjoying watching a guy get fingered but it didn’t take away from the moment. All I could see was her head bobbing up and what remained of her white shirt wrapped around above her breasts as they hung down and her beautiful ass exposed in the air.

“Are you on the pill?” Cory asked and she nodded yes

He got up and was on top of her in seconds with her legs over his shoulders. My view was from his back and all I could see were her legs locked around his head and his cock being gently shoved into her. She was usually pretty tight and I knew he wasn’t going to be able to just slide it in without a little warm-up.

“Do you want it? Huh, do you want it?”, he kept asking.

Cory was teasing her for a while until Nat yelled, “Fuck me Cory … come’ on and fuck me like you fuck Cindy”.

He began to thrust into her and arched her legs even further back, almost having her knees around her own head. His hands were reaching in and squeezing her very supple D-size breasts. Cory was going at it for almost 15 minutes and then he dropped her legs and climbed on top her, straddling her stomach and saying, “I’ve wanted fuck those tits for a long time”.

She cupped her tits together as he pushed his cock between them. Then he put his fingers in her mouth and started to thrust them in and out. Finally he came as he was pulling out from her tits and came on her chest and stomach. He tried to get off of her quickly to avoid a mess and she just laid there in complete exhaustion.

Nat sat up and pushed Cory back on the bed. Sitting down next to him she leaned over and began sucking his cock and, I’m sure, licking it dry from his cum. Then she jumped on top of him and started to ride him … up and down. I was amazed that in less than 3 minutes, he was ready for more.

Now I could see her front and his hands squeezing and holding her tits as she bounced up and down. She told him that she wanted him to fuck her from behind.

Without missing a beat, he got up with his cock still inside of her and turned her around. What I wouldn’t do to have that dexterity and skill. He started to hold on to her hips and she asked him to slap her. When he did, I could it hear loudly from where I was. I knew he was leaving a mark because the sound was crisp and Nat would moan in pain every time.

Nat told me that as he was doing this, he would use one thumb to push into her ass and would match the rhythm of his fucking by pushing in and out. It is now one of her favorite things for me to do.

He finally came inside of her and leaned forward to kiss her back. She dropped down on her stomach and they lay side by side. Then he pulled up next to her and began to make out with her.

After I saw they were both getting dressed, I went back to the front door and opened it up and closed it, pretending I had just come back. I yelled that I was back and asked if anyone wanted a drink or something to eat. They both yelled ‘No’, so I went to the kitchen for about 5 minutes and then headed back to the room.

When I got to the room, they were both sitting up on the bed watching the credits to the movie and Nat had the remote control about to change the TV to cable. I sat down next to Nat and asked how the movie was. She just laughed and I asked what was so funny.

“Cory just fucked me and you missed it”. I pretended to be shocked and she said, “You are the one who told him too … you shouldn’t have left.” With a smile, she leaned over to me and we kissed. I was still hard as a rock from watching them, although she didn’t know it. Cory just looked at us as I embraced her and began to caress her legs. When I looked at him, he was already stocking his cock over his pants … amazing I thought, I guess I will get Viagra, haha.

I lifted the sheets off her legs as I slid down and looked up at her from between her legs, “I see you didn’t bother to get fully dressed again? Were you expecting some more?” and continued to eat her out. I’m sure some of his cum was there but I was trying not to think about it or I would have stopped. That was one thing I didn’t want to think about.

As I was licking her from top to bottom, she reached over and began to play with his cock. Cory slid off his pants so she could get easier access. Then she leaned over to put his cock back into her mouth and I helped her get on her knees and slid my head underneath her so I could continue where I left off. As she was sitting on my face, her face was plunged in Cory’s crotch obviously deep-throating him

After a few minutes I laid back and began to stroke myself and she got the hint. She straddled me and as we kissed, she was fucking me like a pro. Cory got up behind her and began to finger her ass and she moaned into my mouth as he did. I could feel Cory’s legs next to mine and I knew he was kneeling or squatting behind her and was trying something.

As he tried to stick his cock into her ass, she sat up and told him there was no way she was going to do that. “Finger yes, cock no.” I made a joke about his lonely cock and she slid down my legs, lifting her ass up in the air, and began to give me serious head. Cory took the invitation, and began to fuck her from behind. He also made a joke about, either hole being fine.

I came into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. That is one thing I loved about her, she loved the taste of cum. I guess one out of two (swallow and anal) isn’t bad . Cory finished a few minutes later and the three of us just lay on the bad, relaxing.

Nat and I would make out for a while and then each of us took turns showering. Cory ended up spending the night in the bed with us and Nat was the literally the center of attention, right in between the two of us.

We pretty much took turns that night resting and fucking. One time I woke up and saw Cory eating her while she was pretty much passed out sleeping. Then he climbed on top her and began to fuck her … which quickly woke her up. She looked at me smiled and mouthed the words, “Thank You..”

Almost every time they would be doing something, I would wake up because the bed moves and squeaks for anything, but I wasn’t complaining.

My favorite time was when I was facing away from them and he had her leaning over the bed while he stood up and slapped her ass, fucking her from behind. He kept whispering to her that he had wanted to fuck her since the night he told her about his breakup with Cindy. She told him that she had wanted the same thing.

As he kept fucking her, they were having a casual conversation in whispered tones and hushed moans … I guess not to wake me up. She confessed to him that every time they went out dancing or to a bar, she wore nothing underneath and kept hoping he would notice. He said he did noticed but was always afraid to make a move since she was dating.

Then she asked he if she remembered about the time that she was pretty drunk and ended up sleeping in his place on the sofa. He said yes and asked, “Why?” She told him that she wasn’t completely passed out and knew he had copped a feel from her after he took off her shoes and got her on the couch. (Apparently, he had slipped his hand under her skirt and felt her lips for just a minute and then caressed her breast.) She told him he was hoping that he would have done more.

Then she began moaning loud as he was fucking her with all his strength. She buried her head into the sheets and was yelling as he slapped and fucked her. It was funny that they were whispering and then making so much noise with the slaps.

He stopped, and said to her “Natalie! Fuck, you are awesome! I gotta have more! I wanna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked..” The next thing I knew he was taking her out the bedroom door and I quickly shut my eyes. I could hear them in the living room and I ran to the end of the hallway and peeked but quickly jumped back because I was afraid they could see me.

From what I did see, he had her on her knees in front of the living room sliding glass door which anyone could see in since it had no curtains. His cock was in her mouth and he had both hands pulling her head towards him until you could not see anymore of his cock. She had both hands around his cheeks and her fingers were inside his ass.

I listened to that for awhile and decided to look again. They were too wrapped up to notice me in the shadows.

Cory stood her up and leaned her into the sliding glass door. He knelt behind her and began to lick her ass and stick his finger inside.

“Naty, I gotta fuck this ass. This is the best ass I’ve ever seen, I gotta fuck it.”

Nat sighed as he fingered her hole and she asked him, “Even better than Cindy’s?”

“Oh yeah … much better. I pictured your ass when I fucked her!”

I guess that bullshit was all she wanted to hear because he stood up and began to push slowly into her ass and she didn’t say a word. I could hear her grunt and give little whimpers and once in a while tell him to stop. Then she would say to try again. I know she must have had a tear or two in her eyes, but she did want him to keep trying.

He finally had his cock half way inside of her and she turned to face the couch and leaned down on it for support.

“Naty, don’t hold back … just let it out.”, Cory said.

With a muffled cry Nat said it was ok and for him to keep it inside.

I realized that what Cory wanted was to hear her scream and make sounds. He began to pull in and out as he held on to her hips.

“Let it out … let it out.”

Nat just kept muffling her moans until he suddenly shoved his entire cock into her and with that she let out a cry, “HOLY FUCK!!!”

“That’s right! Let it out!”

Now Cory kept his thrusts slow and deep and with every penetration she would yell out.

“Fuck yea!”, she would yell. “Come on, harder.”

Every once in a while he would stop and reach under to grab her tits. Then Cory gripped her and leaned forward. With jerking motions, I knew he had cum inside of her again. He picked her up and kissed her passionately and I took it as my cue to jump back in bed.

About 10 minutes later they came back and got into bed. I couldn’t get the images out of my head and couldn’t believe the stuff they talked about which I had no idea.

The next morning we all showered together and took turns with Nat in the shower one last time. I remember one time reaching down and fingering her ass to see if he had left any lasting impressions, but it was tight as ever. We kissed and made out with her from both sides and as I left the shower, her pulled her back in. I looked back and saw him bend her over, her hands touching the floor, as he fucked her one more time.

Nothing else was really said about that night and two weeks later Nat came back down from college for good.

During one of our love making sessions I mentioned that I was awake during her anal session with Cory and she looked at me like the proverbial cat who at the canary. I told her I wasn’t mad but that she had to trust me more and be more honest. I also told her I knew that was the first time they had fucked, but I felt very confident that in the two weeks after (before she came back), she probably did it again.

It took her a few minutes but she admitted that they had but promised me it would never happen again and it only happened because I suggested it the first time. I told her to relax, I was not angry. She kept thinking I was going to break up with her but I calmed her fears and said that I was only upset because I wanted to know what happened. This also took her a few minutes absorb and understand it wasn’t a ploy to get her to confess.

As we made love that night, I kept asking her about what they had done, where, when, etc. She was beginning to get into it more and more as she saw how aroused I would get.

To this day (October 20, 2004) we still make trips back up to Gainsville so she can have some fun. She’s never done anything local because she is afraid people might see her or recognize her, but up there she feels free to experiment and be, in her words, “a little slutty.”



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