Drunk Sex

... by Mark

Drunk Sex

I told you about Chris and Nat and the trip up there. The other couple of times were without me so I can't really give details and it wasn't anything really interesting either so I'm not going to bore you with those things. But I did have one last story about Nat with me.

About 3 weeks before she ended up moving out of town we had a big party with all her friends and some of mine; a sort of 'going away' celebration. It turned out to have a few more people than we had expected and at the last minute ended up changing it to one of her coworker's house which was large enough to accommodate everyone. It was a Saturday night and Nat and I got ready and headed over there to make sure we were early enough to greet everyone else.

It was a great party. Everyone was drinking and eating, talking and some more drinking. I think drinking was the running theme with Nat and parties.

By 2am in the morning there were still more than half the people there, about 40 or so. I was looking for Nat and her friend told me she was quite sick and went to the bathroom. I was a bit concerned so I asked where the bathroom was and she had gone upstairs. I went up and found her on her knees holding on the toilet for dear life. Bret, her coworker and owner of the house, was outside the bathroom asking her if she was ok and we both went in to help her. She was done puking but was a bit dizzy.

We ended up taking her to a bedroom and plopped her on the bed. He left and I took off her shoes, shirt, and unzipped the skirt to make it comfortable, finally tucking her in. Bret came back with some water and aspirin for her to take now to help with the hang over that was sure to come the next day.

Nat is, without sounding wrong, a little mean when she drinks and aggressively sexual. She will insult you and demand more which I always found funny and a turn on. When Bret left she began to put my hand down her skirt and told me to fuck her. I wasn't feeling too comfortable having sex in the bedroom knowing everyone would want to say goodbye to her and Bret would be back so I kind of brushed it off. Wrong thing to do.

I left to mingle a bit while she slept it off and then went back upstairs. There she was on the bed with the covers on the floor and Bret between her legs eating her out. I stood and watched a bit and then decided to come into the room and close the door. Bret stood up when he realized I was there and Nat asked him why he stopped. I didn't say anything and he didn't either. She told him to keep doing it because she wanted to show me how a real man fucks a woman. Then she pulled his shirt down to have him go back down on her and he did.

I watched the whole time and loved it. She didn't move from the same position on her back but he did. After eating her out he stood up and took off his pants, grabbed a condom from his pocket, and went at it. He is a pretty big and fat black man who you might typically see outside a club working as a bouncer. I couldn't really see her when he was on top but he worked it. His cock was not extremely long but it was thick, thick, thick. He had to ease himself in at first but once they were going at it she was moaning away. That is when I told him to give her a pillow to muffle her sounds so no one hears her. I was getting a bit worried with all her friends and mine that someone would ask what was going on.

After he finished, he got dressed and left the room. I didn't have any problems stripping down and climbing on top of her. She kept saying that he fucked her better than me which is what I mean when I said she is a 'mean drunk'. That was our last adventure before she left and it was quite memorable. By the way, turns out Bret and her had hooked up years ago at a work party and she had wanted to do it with him ever since just cause he had such a thick cock. I guess it is true.


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